Paper size guide

A Range:

The A range is the Most commonly used series of finished printing trimmed sizes in the ISO international paper size range.

A6 148mm x 105mm

A5 210mm x 148mm

A4 297mm x 210mm

A3 420mm x 297mm

A2 594mm x 420mm

A1 841mm x 594mm

A0 1189mm x 841mm


B Range:

The B range covers a need for special applications, such as oversize documents and posters. The B range is not often used in Australia.

B6 176mm x 125mm

B5 250mm x 176mm

B4 353mm x 250mm

B3 500mm x 353mm

B2 707mm x 500mm

B1 1000mm x 707mm

B0 1414mm x 1000mm


C Range – Envelope Sizes:

Connected to both envelopes and folders, the C range allows A sized items to be inserted.

C8 81mm x 57mm

C7 114mm x 81mm

C6 162mm x 114mm

C5 229mm x 162mm

C4 324mm x 229mm


Business Card sizes:

The two most commonly used sizes for business cards are 90 x 55mm & 86 x 54mm

Non-standard business card sizes:

We are also able to produce non standard size business cards such as the popular half width business cards. Please contact us for more information regarding different non-standard sizes.


Other sizes:

DL 99mm x 210mm Common flyer size, 3 out of  an A4 sheet.

SRA4 225mm x 320mm Commonly used when letterheads require bleed.

SRA3 320mm x 450mm Commonly used when A4 booklets require bleed.